The Wedding Photo Gift Registry

Because No One Needs Another Blender. Find the Perfect Wedding Gift!

Tying the knot with love: Wedding Gifts


Ashley R.

I had a set budget but was so amazed when our photographer shared The Wedding Photo Registry with us. It made all the difference to us in selecting the package we really wanted and being able to have the wedding album, canvas and prints that we now enjoy. They make us happy every time we look at them. Our friends & family loved giving a gift that they could see in our home and know will be with us for years to come. What a great concept! Thanks guys! 

SCP Weddings

Having been in the business for a while, we  have amazing clients and love creating beautiful images for them. Now with The Wedding Photo Registry, we have something to offer every client that allows them to get what they had their heart set on and stay within their budget. They love having images on their walls and having the big beautiful album, that beautifully tells the story of their day. We love TWPR because it bridges a gap that was missing in the age of digital photography and helps up deliver more to our clients. Guests love it too because they know they will be giving a gift that stays with the couple for life. 

Isla & Brendan

We had a big wedding at a beautiful location and we hired an amazing team to capture it. They delivered so many more images that we loved of our engagement & boudoir, so we wanted to buy a bigger collection because we had a feeling our album would be off the charts amazing. Rather than having to overspend on our budget, our photographer listened and said, "Check out The Wedding Photo Registry, it's a great option to upgrade and get what you really want in an elegant, simple way that is easy for your guests and our studio." We are SO glad we did. We received over 20 gift cards for photography!!! We ordered a 70 page album, parent books and cute minis! I know we're going to love them and the registry provided an elegant solution to help us with something we really wanted without going over our budget. 

The Wedding Photography Co.

We just learned about The Wedding Photo Registry in a blog and just signed up. We're excited to use it as we transition to booking bigger packages with clients and selling more albums which all couples want but not everyone can initially afford. The site has been really well received with prospective brides & couples we meet. Thanks to TWPR for coming up with a missing link that is going to make this next year the best year for bookings ever! 

A small intimate elopement & beautifully captured

We knew we wanted beautiful images but our budget was small having an elopement. We were over all the drama and wanted to focus on what really matters, the two of us being surrounded by a small group of people we love when we had our wedding. Our photographer had great ideas all around, and she suggested, The Wedding Photo Registry to use as one of our registries. It was a great idea. Many of our guests bought cards and we redeemed them for our modern wedding book when we returned from our engagement. Great service! 


Customers have questions, we have answers. 

Who can buy a gift card?

Easy: Any wedding guest, bridal party or family member. 

Who can redeem a gift card?

Any pro photographer or videographer who has registered to be a member of our site. 

Is there a fee to use or redeem the? 

There is a small fee when purchasing & redeeming. 

Do photographer's have a fee when redeeming them? Members receive a special rate. Non-members will be charged a one time usage fee. 

What gift card values are available? 

Currently the default is $100 as research indicated that is the standard basic in wedding gifts. Custom denominations are readily available. Common purchased denominations range from $50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000. 

How long do the gift cards last? 

They are good one year after the wedding date.

How do I let my guests or clients know about the site? 

We can provide custom insert cards that share your registry info or provide a link to the site for guests.

Vendors a logo'd version or card can provide a link through their the website. We will be happy to answer questions by email or chat. 

I'm a photographer, how do I begin? 

Send us your email and we will send you a link to apply for membership. 

How do I earn more using TWPR as a photographer? Wedding guests typically gift couples $100-200 per wedding on average. So by having just 10-20 guests gift $100-200 each, you've helped your couples increase their photography budget by $1,000 to 4,000 per couple. Would this help your studio in selling beautiful archival, hand crafted prints and albums that your clients would absolutely fall in love with? We'd like to say yes!!! It's kind of a no brainer. It's the perfect way to make it easier on couples and easier on your business and delivery something they already want. Because no one needs another blender! And that USB certainly won't print itself! 

We're a couple or bride and groom who would like to register?  

Please visit the Registry page and you can register for a set amount that your wedding guests may gift to you for your wedding. If you're unsure what amount to set, we recommend starting with $1000-2000. Most guests gift $100 -200 so in no time you can cover the cost of wedding prints, wall art of a beautiful album by requesting guests use our registry and you win with a meaningful gift that will be enjoyed for years to come, gracing the walls of your home and shared with family and friends.