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About Us: How The Wedding Photography Registry Began

How It Works...


The Wedding Photo Registry was created by a professional photographer to better serve wedding couples by providing them with a new way to receive wedding registry gifts. When brides & grooms and couples register, the gifts they receive contribute to their wedding photography registry products & services and allow them to make the investment more easily. The couple receives professional photography services and products which become  heirlooms, so they can have the wedding images they love preserved in print forever. 

The Wedding Photo Registry offers gift cards to wedding guests. Couples can use the gift card toward the wedding photography & videography including services, prints, albums and wall art. Photographers and videographers use TWPR to help clients increase their budget effortlessly & provide the client a better budget so clients have the photography and albums they want to remember their day. Wedding guests provide a gift with meaning that couples will love. 

Images last forever and hold our memories. The average US couple spends more than $4000 on their wedding photography services, albums & prints. Couples have these images for 30, 40, even 50 years passing them on to their children and grandchildren where the images become priceless. The cost of those images averages about $133 per year if you have them 30 years, or $0.36 cents per day. So you can see how with a small investment over time they will have a lifetime to enjoy the images as they grow in value, becoming priceless. 

The registry provides an awesome solution that bridges a gap for couples in an oversaturated gift registry market. It sets apart vendors offer a service that makes the investment of photography & video easier for clients to access. Couples enjoy the process more because by using their photo registry, it minimizes the couple's expense of photography and increases their budget to choose the upgraded albums and prints they wish to own. At the same time, it's a gift that wedding guests lovingly give to the newlyweds creating photographs or albums they'll have forever - something the couple won’t want to return. 

Photographers & Videographers love TWPR, because in a saturated market where technology connects clients to pros, price can become paramount, rather than professional service and the ultimate quality of the product that is delivered. The Wedding Photo Registry is a service that sets vendors apart allowing them to serve clients at a higher level while making more in their business. It’s a small investment for studios to join but can increase profits substantially. 

Even when couples have their digital images, many couples never make time to print images themselves or simply become overwhelmed by the volume of images from which to choose. As a professional studio, you can help clients to move away from obsolete digital storage, to archival printed products that will last. We will be partnering & featuring vendors in the professional album, book and lab industries so both photographers and clients have a better caliber selection of products from which to choose. 

TWPR solves a problem by helping photographers and couples to bridge thr gap, provide better service, sell more products and create a win-win for everyone.  Guests may purchase an e-card with digital delivery or can have it shipped to the couple. Any guest or couple can use the registry. 

Photographers & Videographers who register as members of the registry can redeem the card after registering. Couples select the vendor they love and get the products they have to have. 

The Wedding Photo Registry and The Photo Tribe support photographers in building better businesses, serving customers at a higher level while creating heirloom photographic products and a legacy of images for families. The end result is building a better photography industry by connecting clients, photographers and album makers and professional labs. 

Membership will include some special features to be announced soon. 

The Wedding Photo Registry is a solution helping everyone and providing a gift couples will love.

Because No One Needs Another Blender.  

Simple to buy. Easy to use. Loved by wedding couples.


No one needs another blender! 

When you get married, there are so many expenses, right? Couples save and plan for their wedding day & hire a professional to create beautiful images. 

In the age of digital technology, we are the most photographed generation with the least to show for it! 

The Wedding Photo Registry provides a user friendly solution to engaged couples to ease the burden of their photography expenses, and for vendors, it allow couples to choose the premium services and products they truly love. Photographers & Videographers love the concept because it makes selling your best collection a breeze. Wedding photographs are a tactile, invaluable, lively memento of your day and become more valuable over time. 

Register today and let us help make your wedding dreams a reality! 

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The Wedding Photo Registry Gift Cards may be purchased by anyone and may be used and redeemed by any professional photographer or videographer registered with us & who would like to make the image investment easier for their wedding couples. As a wedding guest, choose a gift that the couple will love and value for life.


TWPR is a separate entity from vendors using our service. Brides & Grooms work directly with their preferred photographer or videographer to select, reserve and deliver the services and products. TWPR charges a minimal fee which allows couples to spend more & photographers and videographers to offer better collections of services and products to clients. Register today to be a part of one of the fastest emerging trends in the wedding industry to book bigger and better events!

Couples & guests use the Registry Menu.

Vendors, select the Photographers Menu.

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